Easy to Follow Cleaning Tips of Ski Goggles

How to Clean Ski Goggles

With the snow season commencing comes the vacation. It is also the Christmas and new year time. Then most families resort to enjoy their holidays with skiing and other snow-related adventures. This allows all the family members to spend some quality time with each other. Families and friends that pack their bags to holiday spots usually carry their skiing kits. This has many items and one of the important items in the kit is the ski goggles. You can say that it is one of the most important items you need to use during skiing. Here you can learn how to clean ski goggles along with skiing.

Different Kinds of Ski Goggles

This device can protect the skier from the surge of the wind while he or she slithers down the snow slopes. There are many kinds of ski goggles in the market. For instance, electric goggles. The users can buy a pair from a sports shop or order a pair online. It all depends on your affordability and convenience.

Vital to Have Good Vision

Electric Goggles

Again, it is always advisable to have a spare pair of ski goggles. Whatever kind of goggles you buy, simple basic pair or a fancy pair, maintaining and cleaning them from time to time is essential. This will keep the pair non-blurry and allow you to have a good vision during skiing. Blurred vision can lead to accidents. To avoid this, you need to learn how to clean ski goggles along with skiing.

While skiing the skiers move pretty fast along the path. They may fall or a high-velocity wind may blow across. These actions may make grime and dust stick to the lenses making them blurred to vision. These need to be cleaned. Use of goggles with a clean lens is really important. Here are a few guidelines on cleaning the ski goggles.

Step 1. You need a cleaning solution to clean the lens of the ski goggles. Lenses are made of different materials. Use a liquid that is compatible with the material of the lenses. You need to use a soft cloth dipped in this solution to clean the lenses. Using a rough cloth may cause abrasions on the lenses so this should be avoided strictly. In place of a solution, a cleaner spray also can be used. The main point is it should be fitting to clean the lenses. The solution can be bought at the sports goods store or even online.

Step 2. The method of cleaning is also important. Use only a little of the solution on the cloth and rub gently on the inside of the lens. Do not wet the cloth completely. Alternately you can put a couple of drops of the solution on the lens and then gently rub the lens using the soft cloth. All the time try to avoid scratching the lens. Continue wiping till the grime and dust are removed completely.

Step 3. When rubbing the lenses, you need to use only gentle pressure. Do this in a circular motion. Using extra pressure may harm the lenses. The inside of the lens has a coating of anti-fog material. So when cleaning this side, you need to be extra gentle. Using light strokes will safeguard the lens. Parting away of the dirt clinging to the lens is vital. So you need to be careful in the action.

Step 4. Using these steps you will have almost completed the cleaning act. The unwanted residue is removed and the lenses are clean now. Yet they would be wet with the use of the solution. One end of the cloth is dry. You need to use it to dry the lenses. This will polish the lenses from the inside.

Step 5. Use the same method to clean the outside of both the lenses. First, use the solution with one-half side and then dry it with the dry side. Now the lenses are completely cleaned and the blurriness fully removed. The goggles are ready to use again.

During the cleaning process, you would have stopped skiing. So you can don the goggles and continue skiing and enjoy the jaunt. These how to clean ski goggles will be helpful to anyone using Electric Goggles or any other brand of ski goggles.


Usually, ski goggles will be supplied with a goggle bag. It is provided to keep the goggle safe. This is made with a soft cloth and it can be used in the absence of a soft cloth to clean the goggle. The best storage method would be to use a box or case to maintain the highest safety for the goggles. Therefore, if not satisfied with the bag provided by the Electric Goggles or any other ski goggles you have bought a box or case can be ordered.


Matching the design of the box with the ski kit would make it look cool. Delicate items like ski goggles need to be stored carefully and used with care. Following the above instructions, anyone can keep the goggles clean and enjoy skiing without a blurred pair of ski goggles always. In case of not being able to clean the goggles, you can use the extra pair of goggles.

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