Get Best Prescription Ski Goggles for Perfect Skiing

Ski Goggles With Prescription Lenses

‘Up on the hills, surrounded by snow’ the thought that crosses many minds when it comes to planning vacations but what if you can make this even more interesting? If you are on the hills and you miss sliding through the mountains then you are surely missing the real fun of being there. However, you should prioritize safety, and prescription ski goggles actually matter a lot when you are up on the hills.

Types of Goggles You Can Try

Going on adventures is good but one should never ignore their safety. Similarly, when you are going to ski it’s very important to protect your eyes. Prescription ski goggles protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, which can damage your eyes. Not only sunrays but prescription ski goggles also protect your eyes from cold winds and snow.

It’s very important that you choose the right ski goggles according to your eye size and comfort level. Prescription ski goggles are available in many variants but don’t worry, you will get a guide for choosing the just perfect goggle according to your need.

1. Frames

Prescription Ski Goggles

Frame size should be your priority factor while choosing ski goggles. Frames not only hold the lenses but they also cover your eyes. So make sure that you goggle you are choosing fits your eyes. Wrong sized goggles will not only ruin your fun by hanging through your nose and you will become conscious about them falling. Here are some factors you should consider while choosing frames.


Eyes vary and so does goggles. Different goggle sizes, i.e. small, medium, large and oversized are available for different pairs of eyes. We suggest that you must go for a goggle which is generally a size larger as it will not only give your eyes more coverage but will also look good along with your helmet. Mentioning that, you should also consider the size of the helmet while choosing the goggles so that the helmet and goggles both fit you perfectly in their face.


You can only have fun in it when you are comfortable in it. Yes, always try the frames on your face and see whether they fit your nose perfectly and their gaps or points are not hurting you or are hard on you. You must never ignore the comfort factor because you will be wearing these goggles all day long.

2. Lens Colors

Prescription ski goggles are used to protect your eyes and not affect your visibility, but if you fail to choose the right color, you will face visibility issues. The weather on hills is never the same, sometimes it’s cloudy, sometimes it’s windy and sometimes it’s sunny, you should always choose the lens color according to the weather on your ski day. Clear lenses will not only provide you with protection but will also increase your visibility up in the hills during the day or at night.

Lenses are available in color variants and every color has a different function to perform. If you want to choose the right color, you must know how they function. Now let’s talk about some lens variants and their functions:

Pinky or rose

Pink color offers you good visibility on partly cloudy days and is best for dawn skiing. When you are going to ski on medium light days, you should choose pink or rose color lenses.


Orange color lenses are more like all-rounder lenses as they provide good visibility on an overcast and blue days. Orange lenses filter out the blue effect from the surroundings leading you to clearer visions.


Green lenses provide better depth perception as compared to other colors. Green lenses increase your visibility on lower light days due to their depth perception. Green lenses also provide good visibility on brighter days and protect your eyes from harmful sun rays and avoid chances of blackout conditions.


Blue lenses are often known for reducing glare effects on lower light days. However, blue lenses offer you good visibility with balanced surrounding lights on brighter or sunny days.


Among all the lenses, yellow lenses are considered best because they have a tendency to filter out the blue effect on cloudy days and flatten the sunlight to provide you with clearer views on all days. Yellow lenses have an extra feature; they sharpen the lumps and bumps of snow in your path so that you can ignore them and save yourself from falling.

Dark Grey, Black, and Brown

These lenses are considered best for brighter days when the sky is blue. Dark lenses also block out more UV rays in comparison to any other color which definitely makes it better than others. However, in the end, you have to decide which shade of dark you want to go for. You can just check the visibility through them and get the one that suits you best.

3. Other Factors

Just not lens color and size but the below-mentioned points must be considered as well.

While you are working on it, make sure you check out the glass frames as well. As the frames are responsible for making sure that the goggles don’t hurt your face, choosing them is important.

When you are going skiing, you are not only wearing goggles as a precaution but helmets as well. If your goggle size will not go in accordance with your helmet, they might hurt your face. You will also face problems in wearing them together and seeing through them. This mix-match can often become a problem rather than being protection If not chosen properly. Choosing the right goggles isn’t hard but can be a bit tricky. Hence, suggest that you go for safer options like yellow, orange and green, but hey, don’t miss the comfort and size factor as well. Now you know all the points that you need to keep in mind while choosing perfect prescription ski goggles for yourself. It’s time for you to go and have fun sliding through snow and mountains.

Happy skiing!

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