The Perfect Guide for Buying Ski Goggles

Designer Ski Goggles

Buying a pair of ski goggles does not sound to be much of a hassle, does it? On the contrary, it sounds to be quite easy. However, with the advancement in time the ski goggles have seen a fair amount of addition in their variety. From men’s ski goggles to women’s ski goggles you can find the perfect goggle that you like. There are some very slick models available in the markets, which are integrated with some very impressive technology & features. With the advent of latest features, selecting ski goggles has definitely leveled up from choosing merely between colors and styles. Here are the features that you should keep in mind when you are looking for ski goggles.

Articulated Hinges

The way in which the strap of the goggle is actually attached with the frame makes a noticeable difference. The strap is when attached to the frame; it is joined by plastic hinges. The plastic hinges are usually preferred to be movable. The movable plastic hinges here imply that there is better flexibility. In turn, better flexibility implies that the pressure is spread evenly all the way across the frame.

Face Foam

In the normal ski goggles and even in the designer ski goggles the foam is what actually forms a seal between the goggle frame & you. This helps in protecting you against various elements along with wicking away the moisture from your skin. The face foam is well known for having three layers. Firstly, the extra soft one that is next to the face of the person for their comfort. Secondly, the durable & solid one that is next to the frame for its protection. Last but not least – the malleable one in the middle for better molding.

Recently there also has been an introduction of new foam layers. These foam layers have a little additional technology that actually stops the goggles from heating up.


All the type of goggles – men’s ski goggles & women’s ski goggles – has quite a variety of frames. Some are much chunkier frames around the lens when compared to others. However, on some of them, the frame is mostly invisible in the front. This trimming in the frame is not only good for the look of the goggles; it also actually provides wider marginal vision even in the small-sized goggles.

Helmet Compatibility

Most of the goggles that we take a look at are more or less compatible with the helmets you own but the best case scenario will be to actually take the helmet with yourself. The added tip will be to actually look for a rubber coating on the inside of the strap in goggles as they help in gripping the helmet better. There are many designer ski goggles that come along with compatible helmets now which make the choice easier.

Lens Change System

When the goggles come with two different systems for different conditions they need to be easy to change and swap. What you need to keep in mind while buying the ski goggles is that are you satisfied with the lens changing system and it is easy for you to do so. You also should make sure that the system ensures safe & solid placement of lenses. It might not be that well known but some of the complete technical systems are some of the easiest ones to change or use & can be easily found in the designer ski goggles.

Lens Colors

Women's Ski Goggles

Along with the variety in the frames that are presently available in various colors, most of the goggle models are accessible in a variety of lens color for suiting the need of the different types of weather conditions. For example, let us say that yellow is a color that is much better suited for the cloudy days which also allow more light from the lens when it is flat. The darker lens colors are said to be more suited for sunny days. There is also some of the lens technology that makes it anti-glare and is particularly more soothing & restful for the eyes.

Lens Shape

There are two widely known lens shapes – spherical (rounded) lens and also the cylindrical (flatter) lenses. The former one curves both vertically and horizontally that give a more natural view. However, the latter curves only vertically & bend more or less in the frame & the vision is also said to be a little distorted when compared to the former.


You can find quite a variety in goggles nowadays – from gender specific to designer ski goggles. Even though you might find it a bit difficult to choose the perfect ski goggles from the wide variety and ranges available, all you need to do is keep in mind the main requirements and the compatibility factor.

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